A journey into the Neoverse

A Virtual Universe where players enjoy, make friends, form a team, join guilds and compete with other players or teams with their tactics, skills, talent, strategy and luck for fun or earn.
Long Ago, In the distant past, the gods, along with their families and creations, waged the eternal war for the right to rule the world, the right to be one true god. The long, brutal battle comes to a swift end without a victor with the death of the sky, the sea, the land and the stars. The single deity who had not participated in the battle won by default and assumed the title of one true god known as the "God of Games".
The true one god, "God of Games", created five pledges for all the races in neoverse and prohibited violence and murder in neoverse. Every dispute or conflict, from petty squabbles to the fate of many kingdoms in neoverse, is decided through games. In this strange world where the very idea of humanity is reduced to child's play, it becomes the battleground for the best player in the world to rule this world.
Good to know: Story-line of Neoverse was Inspired by anime known as No Game No Life. It is an awesome work done by Atsuko Ishizuka.
Neoverse is a world of 6 Major Races Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Treants, Hobgoblins and Trolls. Every race world has Guilds that help players improve skills and find or create challenges. Every player in Neoverse has a purpose of becoming an unbeatable gamer by defeating other best players and taking over the throne of kingdoms in this world. Neoverse is the best place to use your gaming skills and strategy to have fun and earn.
Guilds: Guilds in Neoverse is like a game club where players can play games with other players for free or challenge other players for high-stakes games.
Example: Human world of Neoverse has Chess Guilds where players can play chess for free to improve their skills or challenge other players in chess and wage their assets like Tokens or NFTs.

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Neoverse Economics: Dive a little deeper

Learn the economics of Neoverse and $NEO, $WNO and $ENEO utility to get a deeper understanding of Neoverse:
$NEO, $WNO and $ENEO: These crypto tokens used in neoverse have different utility and use cases. Users can buy these crypto tokens directly from the Neoverse marketplace or other players using a Metamask or other Ethereum or polygon wallet.
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